Kristin: quirky, introverted, hungry

I am a hoosier at heart that lives in Chicago, Illinois. I am extremely introverted living in an extroverts’ world, slowly discovering how all the thoughts and ideas swimming in my brain might be relevant despite my inability to socialize.  The subjects of theology, worship, art, music, architecture, urban design and city living will draw me out of my shell.

This site is still under construction as I figure out things like a) how to use wordpress, and get all the little kinks worked out b) how to use my new camera and c) remember how to write! I haven’t sat down to write anything of substance in 3-4 years.  Kind of sad.

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything except what happens to be my opinion at any given moment.  My brain is like a laundromat dryer with lots of ideas being tossed around; I take an idea out on occasion to examine it, often to find it’s not quite ready and needs to be thrown back in!    Please, join in the conversation and amuse me by commenting on my content.  I hope by sharing my thoughts openly that you’ll be amused as well :-)